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11/19/2016 - The finalized Community-Charter for Project: Union-Street, all of our events/gatherings, and our online community & presence, comes into effect today at 7:30 AM.
10/25/2016 - Secondary to the finalized Community-Charter that will be taking effect on the morning of 11/19 - The addition of Sec 7, Par 1 ("Pay-to-Play" amendment)
to the Community-Charter has been OKAY'ed and has actually been THE MOST ASKED-FOR amendment to date - it will come into effect 11/19 at the same time the charter also takes effect.
10/19/2016 - A completed community-charter has been agreed upon by members of administration and will come into effect in one month from this date. This charter is essentially the rules
for the entire network/server, any directly-run gatherings/shows/concerts/workshops, etc. This charter nullifies all (if any) obsolete or previously-created charters or rulesets (made by our administration) which
may have been produced specifically for this community.




When rules are changed

We don't just -change- rules, however - sometimes old rules become obsolete. Other times we find that new rules may come into effect with changes in public opinion or circumstance. If a rule changes it will be observed here, to view ruleset changes that effect this community, server, and any/all directly-run events (online and offline) - simply click the corrosponding year you wish to study.